Fixed Caution Zone-Buoy


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The special marking buoy

  • Does not bleach out in the sun
  • Handsome shape in design
  • High strength due to a special manufacturing process
  • Unsinkable due to foaming throughout
  • Available with emergency flashing signal light

Possible uses:

  • Marking of public exclusion zones
  • Marking of swimming zones
  • Separation of wild-life reserves
  • For public baths
  • Marking of hindrances of all kind


Our buoy distinguishes by handsome design, high strength and stability.

A long life time is secured. Due to our special manufacturing process the sensitive fadeless colour will remain. Beneath the buoy there is fixed a solid stainless steel fitting with welded eye, so that the buoy may also be anchored safely.

Be request the buoy may be delivered with chromium steel bow, chromium steel peak or without any fittings.


We give a guarantee of 4 years against bleaching out of the colour!


Protect your zone with the SWI-TEC Caution Zone - Buoy


Technical Data

Art. No. : 4031 PU - foamed    

  • Dimensions: D=45cm, H=57cm (as per regulations of law)
  • Material: Polyethylen
  • Color: traffic-light yellow (colored throughout) UV-resistant
  • Buoyancy: 56 Kg (124 lbs)
  • Weight : 4,8 Kg (11 lbs)    


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Fixed Caution Zone-Buoy

Fixed Caution Zone-Buoy

Fixed Caution Zone-Buoy

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