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SwissTech becomes SWI-TEC now

More than 20 years ago Marco Bachmann established SwissTech, Marco Bachmann AG in Switzerland. In order to directly try out his ideas and prototypes he relocated development, production and his residence to Mallorca as early as in 1993.

Since 1. of may 2011 we have integrated the enterprise under one roof with our manufacturing company Neveta Náutica S.L. SWI-TEC stands for “Special. Water. Innovation.” ,i. e. for everything that has to do with practical, clever, and special ideas around boats and water, for private yacht owners as well as for professional users. It is our philosophy to create special products for your everyday use on board, always guided by the idea of making life a little easier. We use excellent materials and offer you yacht accessories that feature extreme durability and superior quality – because we want you to be enthusiastic whenever you use our products.

All products by Neveta Náutica which are presented under the label SWI-TEC are developed, manufactured, tested and marketed by our team. We ship the goods from our distribution warehouse in Germany.

We hope that you will enjoy our new catalogue – and may there always be enough water beneath your keel!

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Neveta Náutica S.L.
Poligono 9,  Apt. 51
E-07680 Porto Cristo (Mallorca)
Founded: 1994 
General Manager:
Marco Bachmann