SWI-TEC Work Seat Professional


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SWI-TEC Work Seat Professional

Safety and equipped with all comforts

  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Comfortable sitting over a long time
  • Safe in case of loss of consciousness
  • Solid material and workmanship
  • Four sewn-on bags for tools
  • Little space needed (bag included)
  • Practical footrest as accessories
  • Safety belt as accessories


Our SWI-TEC Work Seat provides the highest comfort over long priods of time because of it’s worked-in seat and wooden cross bar. The SWI-TEC Professional was developed on the basis of the newest rules and regulations. (CE)

Additionally to the four solidly appropriate tool bags there are also sewn-on straps in order to attach the most important tools. Two special rings enable securing of a boring machine etc.

An additional asset to your safety: Our Work Seat is safe even in the event of loss of consciousness!

The new SWI-TEC Professional leaves no wishes open!


Work more comfortably in future!

Technical Data

Art. No. 5090 Work seat Professional  

  • Permitted live load: 150 kg 
  • Breaking strength bearin line: 2170 kg
  • Material:Cotton polyamid blend waterproof plywood-board
  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Measures: 50 x 25 cm  


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SWI-TEC  Work Seat Professional

SWI-TEC Work Seat Professional

SWI TEC  Work Seat Professional

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